Wedding Videography
(4-6 Hours) - $1,485.99

The Gold Package

Introducing our premier offering, the Gold Package for Wedding Videography, meticulously crafted to immortalize your wedding ceremony with unparalleled detail and artistry. Designed for those who seek comprehensive coverage and cinematic excellence, this package promises to elevate your cherished memories to new heights.

With a dedicated commitment of 4 to 6 hours, the Gold Package builds upon the foundation of our Silver Package, offering an array of additional options to enrich your video experience.

Embark on your wedding journey with a team of up to two skilled videographers, or three stationary cameras each poised to capture every moment from multiple perspectives. Their expertise ensures that every fleeting glance, heartfelt exchange, and intricate detail is immortalized in stunning clarity.

Benefit from up to seven hours of continuous coverage, ensuring no significant moment escapes the lens. From the anticipation of the ceremony to the jubilation of the reception, our team remains steadfast, preserving the essence of your love story with unwavering dedication.

Complementing our comprehensive coverage is a meticulously curated full-length edit of your ceremony. Spanning approximately 45 to 60 minutes, this masterfully crafted video encapsulates the highlights of your special day, allowing you to relive the magic time and time again.

Elevate your wedding experience with the Gold Package for Wedding Videography, where every moment is a masterpiece and every memory is immortalized in cinematic splendor.

Wedding Videography (Ceremony Only) - $985.99

The Silver Package

Introducing the Silver Package for Wedding Videography, a budget-friendly option tailored for couples seeking a ceremony-only coverage. Priced at $985.99, this package offers exceptional value without compromising on quality.
With the Silver Package, clients provide photos which we expertly weave into a captivating video montage, accompanied by music of their choice. This personalized touch ensures your wedding memories are beautifully preserved.
Our dedicated videographer will skillfully capture every moment of your ceremony, delivering a full-length edit that mirrors the duration of the event itself. Trust us to create a timeless keepsake that perfectly encapsulates the essence of your special day.
Choose the Silver Package for an affordable yet unforgettable wedding videography experience, where cherished moments are transformed into cherished memories.

Wedding Videography
(8-10 Hours) - $2,085

The Diamond Package

Introducing our most prestigious offering, the Diamond Package for Wedding Videography. Crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience, this package goes above and beyond to ensure every moment of your special day is immortalized with unmatched elegance and finesse.
With 8 to 10 hours of service from our finest photographers and videographers, the Diamond Package encompasses everything included in the Gold Package, along with some exclusive bonuses designed to elevate your wedding experience to new heights.
As part of the Diamond Package, you have the option to showcase your wedding video on the dedicated love and marriage channel on Dizazta TV, available on Roku. This enables distant family members to witness your joyous celebration from anywhere in the world.
Furthermore, opting for this feature grants you two complimentary months of subscription or advertisement, allowing your wedding to be highlighted on Dizazta TV.
Here's a breakdown of what the Diamond Package includes:
* One dedicated videographer for up to twelve hours of continuous coverage.
* Delivery of a captivating 4-8 minute highlight video, capturing the essence of your wedding day.
* A full-length edit of your wedding video, spanning approximately 45-60 minutes, meticulously crafted to preserve every cherished moment.
* Optional add-ons include a second videographer, rehearsal coverage, and professionally recorded audio interviews with loved ones.
Please note that prices and package details may vary, so it's advisable to contact us directly for the most accurate information.
Choose the Diamond Package for Wedding Videography and embark on a journey of everlasting memories, captured with unrivaled sophistication and grace.

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Our primary service is on-site wedding production, where our professional team will come to your wedding venue and capture every magical moment using multiple cameras. With this option, we ensure comprehensive coverage of your ceremony, reception, and all the special moments in between. Our experienced cinematographers will expertly capture the essence of your wedding day, creating a cinematic experience that you can cherish forever.

In addition to on-site production, we also provide services for gathering and working with the media you receive from participants at your wedding. If you have guests who capture photos or videos on their smartphones or cameras, we can curate and incorporate this media into your wedding production. This option allows for a more interactive and collaborative approach, where the collective memories of your loved ones contribute to the final product.

For couples who are unable to have us physically present at their wedding location, we offer the option of utilizing personal home videos that you can send to us via email. This is particularly beneficial for couples who may be in a different state or country. By sharing your personal footage, we can weave together a beautiful and cohesive wedding production that encapsulates the essence of your special day, no matter the distance.