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Aaron Smith

"I loved it, DizaztaVision really helped us take our vision to the next level."

Julie Valdez

"I've tried several production companies and found this one to be the best."

Julie Cooper

"These guys are the best!"

Mike Thompson

"Great work, great service, what more can I say?"

With over 10 years experience in the entertainment, production, public
relations, and corporate businesses, Dizazta Vision started as a small
specialty production company designed to provide selective production
services to its diverse list of clients. Currently as a full-service
production company, Dizazta Vision enables clients to achieve every
aspect of their set goals through effective multimedia communication,
and by defining a comprehensive set of public relations and marketing
tools specifically designed to serve your needs. As a small business,
Dizazta Vision understands the importance of providing upstanding
services at competitive rates to ensure client satisfaction all-around.Steven
B., founder and president of Dizazta Vision, started this multi-faceted
production company as a way to provide proficient multimedia services
through a secure network of working industry professionals. Since the
creation of the business, Mr. Steven B. has managed to establish the
company as a go to source for effective production/post-production
services, keeping abreast with current and future technological
advances. With a combination of world class talent and state-of-the art
equipment, every project we take on, from creation to distribution,
receives the due attention it deserves. We take pride in offering
original perspective in an ever changing industry.All of our
working talent ranges from the world of studio, independent film, and
television. Taking from the best directing and production talent around,
Dizazta Vision is able to produce a shoot domestically and
internationally, in film, HD or video. With a full in-house staff
handling the writing, production, editing, and final output from concept
through delivery, we offer a wide range of pricing packages and
multimedia services that will not only work within your budget, but help
to maximize the exposure and use of your final product. Our team is
ready to launch creative concepts and develop existing ideas to produce
powerful, custom made results for musicians, agencies, non-profits, and
corporate clients of all sizes.From network television shows,
local cable advertising spots, network promos, music videos, corporate
promos, licensing, video news releases, infomercial's, B-roll packages,
EPK's, trade-show videos, training videos, industrial or corporate films, Dizazta Vision is here to help shape your vision and turn it into a top-rate professional product.

DizaztaVision was created as a viable way to help provide its clients with the
highest quality products and services at affordable rates. In growing,
not only has Dizazta Vision expanded its technology with current
digital and high-definition advances, but still enables its clients to
attain current technology at arrangements that work within a projects
budget. From traditional or new multimedia TV spots (Mobile, iPod),
content for website's, and commercials, to promotional events and trade
shows, our staff is ready to prepare and facilitate your personalized
concepts for a fully integrated marketing campaign set to your specific
business or advertising goals.One of our strength's at Dizazta
Vision is that we have had the opportunity to work with a diverse client
base. In working with non-profit organizations, corporate entities,
musicians, advertising agencies, and independent film producers, our
team provides tailored solutions for organizations who like to think out
of the box and extend their marketing reach beyond traditional
platforms and methods. Our job is to create viable solutions, as well as
open the doors to progressive technologies, analyzing your options, and
helping you to make informed choices in your ever-changing market.From
the inception to final distribution of your project, our goal is to
develop a strategy for the creation, production and implementation of
your project, and, to provide appropriate delivery mediums for the
communication of your message to your target audience. Our staff is not
only skilled in a number of mediums, we continually reinvest a high
level of company revenue bi-annually ensuring that all our
production/post-production equipment is current for handling a wide
array of projects at any time. In working in North and South America,
Dizazta Vision is packed and ready to run as we offer our services not
only throughout the United States, but worldwide, and, have bases in New
York and Los Angeles.Dizazta Vision is here for clients to
utilize us as a resource for new and distinct multimedia channels. We
will help you to maximize progressive technologies to their utmost
potential by reaching target audiences with current and expanding
opportunities. The team here at Dizazta Vision takes pride in being
up-to-date with current and future technological trends, and, constantly
is at the forefront with progressions in our industry. When choosing
Dizazta Vision, it is our job to help you imagine your capabilities,
construct them, and use this leading technology to engage your audience
across diverse mediums. Expertise, imagination, and continual research
and adaptation on developed and future technologies allows us at Dizazta
Vision to help bring your product, project, and/or content to your
audience with on the line definition across numerous multimedia
environments.We believe in strong and growing relationships with
our clients. By ensuring that our team liaisons are not only equipped
with the latest technology, but also possess great communications
skills, be readily accessible, punctual, flexible, akin to handling
adverse situations, and responsive, we want to make sure that all of our clients are covered in all facets of the production process.

Why Us

DizaztaVision is comprised of experienced professionals. Together we
accumulate over 30 years of combined experience. We continue to utilize
all of our talents and skills in the forever changing multimedia world.

Steven B.
Producer, Director, Shooter, Video Editor, Sound Engineer, Music Composition/Supervision, Motion Graphics Based
in Los Angeles, CA, Steven's experiences have taken him through the
music, production/post-production, and public relations businesses.
Starting out at Dizazta Area Music, Steven has had the opportunity to
work closely and develop relationships with vast array of established
corporate clients, musicians, magazines, directors, DP's, production
coordinators, editors, colorists, sound engineers, CG artists,
composers, A&R reps, managers, etc. Trained in multimedia

Kathy Bush
Payroll and HR Representative.

Moe Macauley
Producer, Director, On-Camera Interviewer, Script Writer, Photographer, Public
Relations and Marketing Guru, Business Development Based in Los
Angeles by way of Sierra Leone, Africa, Mr. Macauley's expertise ranges
from public relations to video production and marketing. Macauley has
produced hundreds of segments and interviews.

Joyce 'Lady J' Purvy
Script Writer & Producer Based
out of Los Angeles by way of New Jersy, Lady J initially focused on
radio and quickly developed a reputation as a sought-after radio voices
in radio representing the indie artist, promos and commercials.
Recently, she made her foray into directing, gathering accolades from film festivals and the press.

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