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"Thank you for choosing our services! Once we receive your order, our dedicated team will promptly begin working on your project. To ensure your montage reflects your vision, please upload your photos in the desired order. Alternatively, if you prefer a random arrangement, simply indicate 'random' in the notes, and we'll handle the rest.
Additionally, if there are individuals featured in your photos, kindly provide their names in the order you'd like them mentioned in the video. Lastly, if you have specific music preferences for your video, please include them with your submission.
Rest assured, we'll send you a proof for approval before finalizing your montage. We look forward to creating a memorable masterpiece together!"


"Find the perfect plan to suit your needs and unlock the magic of our photo montage service! Once you've completed your purchase, simply send us your photos via email or smartphone. Our dedicated team will handle the rest, transforming your images into a mesmerizing video montage that captures the essence of your memories. Sit back, relax, and let us turn your moments into timeless treasures!"


Select the number of photos you'd like to include in your personalized creation, and let us weave them into a beautiful narrative. Whether it's a milestone celebration, a tribute to loved ones, or simply a collection of joyful moments, our expert team will craft a stunning montage that you'll treasure forever. Advance to checkout to begin the journey of bringing your memories to life!"

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Thank you for considering our services to customize your slide show! We are more than happy to help you create a personalized and engaging presentation. Here's how you can proceed:

1. Checkout: Complete the purchase process for the slide show customization service.

2. Gather your content: Prepare the following items to be used in the slide show:

* Photos: Collect the photos you would like to include in the presentation. Ensure they are in a digital format (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and that you have the rights to use them.

* Text: If you have specific text or captions you'd like to include with each photo, please provide that information as well.

3. Email your content: After completing the checkout process, send an email to [] with the following attachments/information:

* Attached photos: Attach the photos you want to include in the slide show. If you have a specific order or arrangement in mind, please indicate that as well.

* Text details: If you have specific text or captions for each photo, include them in the email. Indicate which text goes with each corresponding photo.

4. Music selection:
* Option 1: Supply your own music: If you have a specific music track you want to use, please attach the MP3 file or provide a download link to the music in your email.

* Option 2: Choose from YouTube: If you prefer to select a song from YouTube, provide us with the link to the desired song, and we will download it for you.

5. Wait for customization: Our team will work on customizing your slide show based on the provided content. Please allow three business days for us to complete the customization process.

6. Review and approval: Once the slide show is ready, we will upload a proof for you to review. You will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access the proof. Take your time to review the slide show carefully and ensure it meets your expectations. If any changes are needed, let us know, and we'll make the necessary adjustments.

7. Final delivery: After you have reviewed and approved the customized slide show, we will deliver the final version in either MP4 or MOV format, whichever you prefer. You can then use the slide show at your event.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to assisting you with your customized slide show.